Neovir is an immunostimulating agent with antiviral activity against DNA and RNA genome viruses, immunomodulating and pronounced anti-Chlamydia action.

The drug activates T-lymphocytes, bone marrow stem cells, macrophages. The drug is able to significantly activate polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Neovir reduces the production of tumor necrosis factor (for herpes, HIV infection) and activates killer cells (for tumors).

It balances a subpopulation of T-suppressor and T-helper cells.

Clinical and pharmacological group

Immunostimulating drug.

Pharmacy sales terms

It is released on prescription.


How much does neovir cost in pharmacies? The average price is at the level of 500 rubles.

Release form and composition

Neovir is available in the form of a solution for injection and in the form of tablets.

The main active ingredient of Neovir is kridanimod.

Auxiliary substances are:

  • Neovir injections: citric acid, sodium citrate, water for injection;
  • Neovir tablets: polyvidone or PVP low molecular weight medical, yellow quinoline, dry polyglucin, sodium chloride, talc, dimethicone, polymethacrylate.

Pharmacological effect

Immunostimulating drug. It has antiviral activity against DNA and RNA genomic viruses. It has a pronounced anti-chlamydial effect. The activity of the drug is associated with its ability to induce the formation in the body of high titers of endogenous interferons, especially interferon alpha.

V / m administration of Neovir at a dose of 250 mg for the detected serum concentrations of interferon is equivalent to the administration of 6–9 million IU of recombinant interferon alpha.

Neovir activates bone marrow stem cells, T-lymphocytes and macrophages. It shows immunomodulating activity, normalizing the balance between T-helper and T-suppressor cell subsets. In a number of diseases, Neovir is able to reduce the production of tumor necrosis factor in the body (HIV infection, herpes) and activate natural killer cells (in case of tumor diseases). Significantly increases the activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

In case of HIV infection, Neovir has an immunomodulating effect: it increases the absorptive activity of blood serum, increases the ability of white blood cells to synthesize interferon alpha, and stimulates the formation of active oxygen forms by phagocytes.

The peak of interferon activity in the blood and tissues is observed several hours after the administration of Neovir and lasts for 16-20 hours.

Indications for use

Neovir is recommended for use as an immunostimulating drug as part of complex therapy, for the following diseases:

  1. HIV infection;
  2. Radiation immunodeficiency;
  3. Acute and chronic hepatitis B and C;
  4. Multiple sclerosis;
  5. Human papillomavirus infection;
  6. Viral encephalitis and encephalomyelitis;
  7. Venereal lymphogranuloma;
  8. Salpingitis, cervicitis, prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis of chlamydial etiology;
  9. Oncological diseases;
  10. Influenza and other acute respiratory viral diseases (including against the background of immunodeficiency states);
  11. Herpessimplex, Herpessimplex genitalis, Varicellazoster infections (including therapy in people with immune system disorders);
  12. Cytomegalovirus infection in patients with immunodeficiency;
  13. Candida lesions of the skin and mucous membranes.

Also, the drug is used for the prevention of influenza and other acute respiratory viral diseases.


The drug can not be prescribed in the following situations:

  1. Pregnancy;
  2. Lactation;
  3. Autoimmune diseases;
  4. Severe renal failure (creatinine clearance less than 30 ml / minute);
  5. Childhood;
  6. Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Special care during treatment should be observed in elderly patients.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Neovir can not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because the safety of the drug during pregnancy and lactation has not been reliably studied.

Dosage and method of use

The instructions for use indicate that Neovir injectable solution is injected intramuscularly, a single dose is 250 mg (1 amp.) Or 4-6 mg / kg body weight. If necessary, a single dose of Neovir can be increased to 500 mg.

  • The course of treatment, unless otherwise indicated, consists of 5-7 intramuscular injections in single doses with an interval of 48 hours. The course dose depends on the clinical picture. Course duration - 8-12 days. With prolonged and prophylactic use, the interval between injections of Neovir is 3-7 days.

For HIV infection, injection solution is used as part of a combination therapy. The course of treatment consists of 10 intramuscular injections of 250 mg each with an interval of 48 hours between injections. After the course of therapy, they take an interval of 2 months. The number of repeated courses is not limited.

Side effects

The drug can cause the following side effects: an allergic reaction, low-grade fever and soreness at the injection site.


Cases of the use of the drug in a dosage exceeding the therapeutic rate are not registered.

Special instructions

In case of poor tolerance or pain in the place of i / m administration of the drug, it is recommended to inject Neovir together with 2 ml of a 0.25-0.5% novocaine solution.

Drug interactions

During clinical studies and the use of the drug in clinical practice, there have been no cases of incompatibility or potentiation of the drug when interacting with other drugs.

Information about the physico-chemical incompatibility of Neovir with other drugs is not available.


We picked up some reviews of people using the drug Neovir:

  1. Natalia. She put a neovir in her leg — a muscle began to contract strongly, thought she had hit a nerve, pulled out a needle, and after a while put the rest in the other leg — the same thing, was frightened. Is it like that, my heart was pounded from fright, I wound myself shorter, but after a while everything went away, now I will observe how effective it is.
  2. Maria. What a painful this injection of neovir, mother dear, and moreover he does not pass at all at once. It hurts ... The doctor said that next time we will prick with lidocaine or novocaine. I really hope that it will be much less sick!
  3. Svetlana They found ureaplasma and the doctor prescribed “Neovir”. Pricked itself without lidocaine. The pain was terrible, as I suffered it I do not know. The next injection was done with lidocaine, you can tolerate and then somehow accomplished the course. But we treated ureaplasma.


The following analogues of Neovir are sold in pharmacies:

  • Alokin-alpha;
  • Arbivir;
  • Arbidol;
  • Vilozen;
  • Galavit;
  • Gepon;
  • Glutoxim;
  • Zadaksin;
  • Isofon;
  • Immunomax;
  • Immunoflazid;
  • Lovemax;
  • Lynch;
  • Nucleate;
  • Polyoxidonium;
  • Primavir;
  • Symbioflor;
  • Timalin;
  • Heliscan;
  • Cycloferon;
  • Ekhinal;
  • Echinasal;
  • Echinacea rhizomes;
  • Echinacea tincture;
  • Echinacea;
  • Echinacea.

Before using analogues consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15 ... 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life - 3 years.

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